Introducing the Good Vibes Film Club – Film Analysis Show

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Hey there film lovers! We’re a brand new show called the Good Vibes Film Club. Each week we invite you to watch films along with us in your own time and discuss them. It’s just like a book club – but with films!¬†

Introduction: Episode 0 is our way of setting up the concept of the show, while simultaneously introducing you into the minds of Adam & Sarah. CAUTION: we don’t actually talk that much about films, that will be next week. Instead, we setup the club and tell you which films to watch for next week. Fancy getting to know us? Stick around and hear us interview each other.

Top Favourite Things: We soon realised top 3 things of all time was a BIG question, so actually we changed it to a selection of favourite things. We discuss burgers, trendy avocado and the infinite possibilities of ice cream flavours.

Questions For Sarah: Adam asks Sarah a bunch of weird icebreaker questions. We answer which foods are best/worst to eat after toothpaste, and should you pick your holes on a train?

Questions For Adam: Flipping the questions back around, Sarah discovers Adam wishes the 19th century cape would come back in fashion, and that Santa is in fact real.

Best Film Ever: We trial a new rapid fire 60 second game to determine which film is the best film ever.

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NEXT EPISODE: Edward Scissorhands & Who Framed Roger Rabbit?