Captain Marvel Film Review – Non Spoiler + Spoiler Cast (Special Episode)
Good Vibes Film Club

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Avengers Endgame is out pretty soon so we thought we better take a trip to the ‘ol cinema to see Captain Marvel before the end of the month -we’re pretty big Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

Breaking away from our main schedule we take Captain Marvel through a spoiler free discussion in the first half of the show, and then follow up the remaining section with a full blown spoiler cast.

We compare Captain Marvel against the other MCU films, and discuss its importance to the overall ongoing Marvel franchise. Is Brie Larson better than Supergirl? Do cinemas pick the nosiest snacks imaginable for films? Do 7 years olds appreciate the never ending release of good superhero movies? Find out in this week’s episode of the Good Vibes Film Club!

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