Imagine an eerie dystopian world, in which a service called ‘the internet’ is overrun by 12 year old trolls, horrible comment sections and micro-transaction hungry corporations. Now imagine there is a small corner of happy individuals that just love watching films. Yup, here we are – all happy and everything.

The Good Vibes Films Club is a fun lovin’ popdcast works like this: 

  1. You tell us what films to watch
  2. We all go away and watch them
  3. We come back and talk about them
  4. Repeat steps 1-3!

A guy and a girl talk about two films each week for 60 minutes in a completely free podcast. We only really set up a Patreon because its what people do now-days – but in the off chance you’re not a millennial with no money, feel free to donate 1$ a month for some free bonus content.